Dedicate (via Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

  • to set apart for a special and often higher end
  •  solemn and exclusive devotion to a sacred or serious use or purpose


As I’m reading about the dedication of the wall in Nehemiah, I am also sitting at my workplace getting ready for my eight-hour shift–my active, always walking, always pushing, hustling-hard eight-hour shift. This is probably the most physically-demanding job I’ve ever had (apart from dance..  but that’s passion-driven so it’s in a whole other category). This job is my version of building a wall. Time goes by very slowly; it’s monotonous. It feels like hell, but what redeems the whole process is the end.

Before, the end for me was my paycheck. As long as I got it, it didn’t matter how I much or little I engaged with people, how present I was in my workplace–just finish the job well and leave. This did nothing for my inner person, my heart, who I was: you know, the thing that really counts. That’s what God dropped into my heart one day. I only looked out for myself. I did not connect with people or my co-workers. I just wanted to do this as fast as I could, get paid, and get out. And that caused me to miss so many opportunities to dedicate this wall. So I had to find a greater purpose by answering this question: who am I doing this for? If I can answer that, then I’ll understand what exactly it means to dedicate something. And we must dedicate our lives to something, because it’s the only way we have true meaning. If we cannot answer why, we cannot expect ourselves to continue on with the what. Not for very long, that is.

So my end is this: I am doing this for God. I’m doing every little thing I am tasked to do in this banal job to the best of my ability and loving every single person along the way as God would love them. In fact, God loves this more than any great thing I could do. It is the fact that I see it as so little–for then I have nothing to boast about except what makes it great: my God! Crazy, right? With God’s help, I hope that you can find your end today too and start dedicating the wall that you build everyday.


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