Sons of the day.

“For you are all sons of light and sons of the day.” 1 Thessalonians 5:5

What is the light and what is the day representative of? In context of vs 1-11, it’s the Lord’s day. So when He says “sons of the day”, I believe Paul’s referring to the Lord’s day, when Jesus Christ comes back for us. It fills my heart with longing. I know that when He comes, the darkening power of sin will be forever crushed. I won’t have to struggle with it anymore. Only Christ will be the true power dominating all hearts that have accepted Him. And I can be close to Him and unashamed because He wiped away all my sins. But in this passage, it says that we can live as sons of the day today. We don’t have to wait. We might fall asleep or become drunk with wine (distracted by worldly cares) but that is why He said to be sober. To be awake. To live. He looks at us and says you have all authority over sin now. I give it to you. Jesus said this at the end of Matthew 28. He wants us to live in His light now. Like He’s coming, because friends, He is! Our God is coming to us, like the sun coming closer to the earth, or a beam of light shining on us. Christ, our morning star. You can be assured that He is coming. So let that fill your heart with hope and strength to be sons of the day and sons of the light.


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